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Blueline Bootcamp



Pure training with no gimmicks, no fancy machines, just you and the elements. Train dynamically and get your body fit quick. Now is the perfect time to try our Blueline Bootcamp out! Open to anyone in law enforcement positions and for all fitness levels.


An hour long session of high intensity, fast paced circuit-based training. Blue Line Bootcamp is ideal for law enforement officers who want to increase their endurance, strength, power and coordination while maximizing fat loss. Pinnacle Bootcamps revolve around functional based movements and do not involve the use of typical gym equipment.


Bootcamp sessions are walk-in friendly, but you can reserve your spot ahead of time.

You can call us or email our trainer Billy Fischer.

About The Pinnacle Athletic Development Programs:

Pinnacle Athletic Development focuses on athletes of all ages and levels. We offer speed and agility training, strength training, bootcamp training, and sport-specific training programs. We also offer total training programs to also help you develop your strength and power, while refining your technique at the highest level.


The Pinnacle Athletic Development training facility is located in Parsippany, New Jesey. Our address is 915 Edwards Road, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054.

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