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Everyone wants to train like a professional, but with Pinnacle Athletic Development you actually can. Follow proven training programs designed to help develop your skills. You can train under and along side Division I athletes and All-Americans. Train with the game proven intensity of Pinnacle’s programs, developed around your needs. If you want to be a champion, then train as the champions do- train with Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Speed
Speed + Agility

Get a step ahead of the competition with our speed and agility class. This class covers all areas of speed training, including mechanical fundamentals, flexibility, balance and coordination, and core stability. Sessions also focus highly on foot speed, linear and lateral speed, and lower body power.

Pinnacle Conditioning
Elite Performance

The optimal training program for all serious high school and college athletes. Each session is 90 minutes long and focuses on all of the different disciplines of sports, such as strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and injury prevention. An individualized program and specific to the needs of the athlete.

Pinnacle Strength
Strength Training

Set the bar high with our group strength program designed for athletes to develop, maintain and increase muscle size, strength, endurance and power. Each hour long session is designed daily and supervised by a performance coach.

Personal training also available

Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp

Fitness Bootcamp

An hour long session consisting of high intensity, fast paced circuit-based training. This program is specifically designed for individuals who want to increase their endurance, strength, power and coordination, while maximizing fat loss. Pinnacle Bootcamp revolves around functional based movements and does not involve the use of your typical gym equipment.

Pinnacle Wrestling Logo

Total Wrestling Training
Technique, Strength, and Conditioning all in one place!

Why choose Pinnacle?

Pinnacle Athletic Development offers you a personal commitment unmatched by any other. We are not a franchise, and we promise a personal edge over all competition. Whether you are looking for sport specific training, strength training, speed word, or personal technique coaching, we are committed to helping you reach new heights.

Speed Power Agility

We are passionate about helping you develop.

At Pinnacle we will work as hard as you do to ensure you reach new heights. We train for all sports, and we train all ages. If you are serious about your performance, then you won’t want to pass us up.


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